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Category – Dining


Frozen themed meal

These are the weeks in Minnesota I think everyone I know goes stir crazy! We can't easily go outside, and it is hard to keep my kids entertained! At least it's close to Christmas, and we bought another giant cardboard house from Michael's! (You may know I do this every year! And I spend more time coloring it than the kids and secretly cringe when they color over all of my work ...
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Grinch Meal

As promised, here's the first themed meal! This one's dedicated to one of my favorite characters - the Grinch! And this year he is everywhere. Maybe it is because he is such an easy character to relate to! 😂
So what is the perfect food for a Grinch night? Obviously, it has to be Roast Beast with Grinch Sauce (aka easy baked chicken and pesto)!
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Salt and pepper to ...
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