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5 Style Trends I Really Want to Come Back This Year

This past Monday my oldest daughter Livia begged me to go to the Mall of America. I figured why not, so to the Mall of America we went!

While walking into Nordstrom, I spotted a light pink furry vest, and all I can say is I WANTED IT! (Had it not been $250.00, I definitely would have bought it.) Pink fur is usually not my style, and all I could think was, “When did this come back in style and why do I like it so much??” Britney probably wore it back in the day I’m sure!

This past summer I also started noticing girls wearing scrunchies? What?? And high-waisted mom shorts? I am so confused.

And then I started thinking about what styles I do want to come back. Here are my top 5!


As a mom, I really think I could rock those matching tracksuits. I love all things athletic gear, so that would definitely be my jam! Obviously I would pair them with my Adidas shoes with the stripe and tall tube socks!


That could be a fun activity to do with the kids. I doubt our homemade look would turn out great, but nonetheless, let’s go for it! I used to cut and knot my shirts, so even better!

Cargo Pants

Dark green please! But I will definitely have to get my pair of Sorel boots to go with them! Maybe I would lose my phone less if I had a practical pocket...


And a bandana in your hair with curled bangs! What could be better! Flannel is coming back, but I wasn’t aware in Minnesota that it ever went out of style??

And best of all… Fanny Packs!

Bring. Them. On. Just think of all the efficient walking I can do on my future vacations with a fanny!!

What styles are you hoping come back soon? Or are you still rocking the same style anyway?

Stay stylish and stay True,

Amber Bruender

P.S. Maybe I subconsciously wanted the pink furry vest because my daughter has one, and "mommy and me" outfits are so cute! Oh, and note her vest was NOT $250. Ha!