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Tips for Researching & Buying a Home

The steps you take to find a home seem so simple on paper:
First, you think you know what a bank will tell you. Second, you are looking for homes on Zillow every day. Third, you don’t see a need to work with an agent until the exact day you want to go to the specific home.


If this echoes your thoughts, you are by no means alone. It is the most common story I hear over and over again.
But what if I tell you that means when the right home comes up, there could be a very good chance you are too late? If this home is as wonderful as you think, it’s likely someone else has already been preparing. That a company knew about the home coming on the market, and their clients have scoped it out, have their letter, gone over the process, and feel comfortable with what to do and what it takes to get the home.
This is one of the top reasons to work with an agent prior to going to that first home! Your agent is going to be with you, helping you make the biggest investment of your life. Don’t you want someone on the ball working with you?
While I won’t get into the entire process, here are a few tips I have learned through my years in real estate.


  • When you find a specific home and even put in an offer, drive by the home a few different times: in the morning, at night. Does a neighbor have a dog that will bother you in the long run, does someone play music, what is the traffic like? Going by only once can give an inaccurate impression.
  • Look past cosmetics! I can’t tell you how many times clients let me know a home doesn’t have a “wow factor” when it is such a simple solution to make it pop! In the industry I can recommend a painter or other do it yourselfers to help!
  • Be comfortable with the idea of going over asking price, if necessary. Let the agent run the numbers. Sometimes homes are priced a certain way for marketing purposes. If you go over the asking price, it doesn’t mean you’re not getting the right end of the deal. The numbers will speak for themselves and sometimes, if it is right, you may have to pay for the things that fit your lifestyle!


Hopefully you’re starting to see why a realtor is someone you want on your team early in the game. And when you’re ready to take that next step of finding your ideal home, let’s chat!


Stay True,
Amber Bruender