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To My Future Sellers

Whether you have never sold your home or it has been a long time since you last did, this post is dedicated to you.

My clients often ask how to get started, and I assure them they can already check off the first step: contacting me! Selling a home takes time, effective marketing (listing, staging, and reaching the right potential buyers), and an understanding of trends for your location. That’s all part of what an agent specializes in.

So what does working with me look like?

The first thing I like to do with you is a walk-through of your home.

But don’t worry about looking show-ready at this point. I keep this casual. After all, many of my clients are referrals and friends. After knowing your home’s address, I already start preparing so that we can make the most of our review. Then the walk-through lets us see what you’ve done with the property and anything we may want to do before listing.

While we look at the outside, I’ll ask the kinds of questions most buyers would ask. Questions like, How old is the roof? Is there siding that needs to be fixed? Do you have a septic system and well? This time is also a cue for you to find out those answers if you don’t know them, before a potential buyer comes along.

Then we’ll go through the inside. You only get one chance to make a good first impression on a buyer and it is so important! So again, I’ll look at your home from a buyer’s perspective and offer you advice and tips. Is the front door clean? Are the locks working? Does your home smell good?

Does it look like someone is in the process of moving out? We definitely want that answer to be no, even though you’re selling! One, boxes aren’t welcoming. Two, if a buyer feels you’re eager to get out, they might throw you a lowball offer. Not what you or your home deserve!

After our walk-through, we’ll sit down and talk about pricing.

Sometimes this can be a fun game to see if you’re on the money (pun intended) with what your home is worth.

Lastly, I let you know the expectations for showings.

Some of this we will have already covered during the walkthrough, but it’ll include other reminders. Examples like no pill bottles out, clean kitchen counters, beds made, and laundry and such put away. If you have kids and are concerned about staying show-ready, I’ve added additional tips for you.

I hope this put your mind at ease, my future sellers. When you’re ready to start talking about selling your home, give me a call and get that first step checked off!

Until then, stay True!

Amber Bruender