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Now What to Do with That Tax Refund…

It’s April 18 and you all know what that means… Tax season has come to an end! It’s that time where you are either super happy and getting money back. Or cursing your job and wishing you just stayed home (just kidding, I hope)!

If you are a lucky one who got quite a bit back, let’s talk about great ways to spend that refund. Since, let’s face it, it kinda feels like free money!

So what are we doing with that refund this year?

A new pair of rollerblades or bike is always a good idea in Mankato. Now, I must admit, as a rollerblader, I have a real dislike for bikers. Why you ask? I’m the girl who always has her mind in a zone and when bikers scream ON YOUR LEFT to me, they generally have to still ride behind me for a minute and then scare the bejesus out of me when I do notice. On rollerblades, I just don’t expect to get passed! (Slightly embarrassing story: yes, I have been passed by a runner before, but he was freakishly fast!) Bikers can hit up Nicollet Bike Shop and they will set you up, and I will see you out there! Just remember to yell loud, or you could also buy a bell.

Alternatively, a scooter! I really want a scooter, you guys, so please let me live through you! I want to just hop on one, hit up the Caribou Coffee at University Square, and scoot right back. They save a lot of money on gas. Plus, how sweet would it be to show up to a home showing on a scooter!

Why not take care of your ride with a car detailing? Make your spaces so fresh and so clean clean! My brother-in-law Tyler just started a car detailing business, and he does a fabulous job!! Ready to roll with the windows down, blaring whatever cool kid songs your kids are into these days!

Lastly, the best idea in my humble opinion: a home project! (Of course I am going to say that, but it is a really good idea.) At the Bruender home this week, we are getting barn doors on my closet and I am super pumped! Also a new handle on our sink. Oh, the joys of adulthood! Spruce up your home and get a boost of feeling like it is new again! You are there all the time, you need to make sure you love it! Check out Menards for the barn doors and sliders!

Congrats on making it through another tax season, everyone. Have a fabulous week! And if you really need more details on how else to spend some money (like a down payment on a new home perhaps), comment below or give me a call!

Stay True!

Amber Bruender