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Ladies Who Launch Podcast

Hopefully this past week you had a chance to enter the Facebook giveaway we did with myself, Gallery 512 Boutique, Made in Mankato, Finch Designs, Sarah Joy Photography, Budding Creations, Lush Cakes, and Chankaska Winery!

But, now it’s time to share with you the most important part: our new podcast Ladies Who Launch! Not to be confused at all with Ladies Who Lunch… although if anyone wants to buy us lunch, I am sure we’d be all for it. Next week we’ll introduce a little about ourselves to you, but let me give you a quick overview.

All of us ladies are in our late twenties to early thirties (I am still clinging to the late twenties for four short months) and have been in our businesses 3+ years. We all have some advice in different areas that we can bring to the table. One of us has a new storefront. Lisa and I have kids, and we have to try to multitask continuously. Most of us work fully from home and have to stay motivated. We all have to deal with the ever changing rules of social media while staying up to date!

Our goal is not only to inspire you to try something new yourself, but also to give you motivation for when you feel stuck! Maybe it’s a quick tip. Maybe it’s just laughing with us. The struggle is very real sometimes, and we want to keep you going and knowing that there are other people out there who can relate and help!

We will also be introducing you to other businesses who are also starting in the area. We would love if you would check them out as well. Mankato is a community, and we need to support each other!

Additionally, we want your input. If there is anything you want to hear about, let us know and we will make it a topic!

Be you and stay True!

Amber Bruender