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Winter Wait

In real estate, the number one question I get asked during the winter is “Are you busy?” The answer is always yes. But, it isn’t always the most obvious things. Sometimes being busy can be planning new things for my clients, continuing education, restructuring how I do things, and thinking of innovative ways to improve! But I don’t care who you are, everyone has off days where they want to sit around and ...

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Five Life Lessons of 2018

This past year was probably my favorite year ever. My girls were such fun ages and we finally got into a flow, work was great, and my family and friends were overall healthy! Plus, I really discovered what I like to do and did it more often. My 2019 goal is to continue a lot of what I did last year. To do that, I decided to look back on the top five things I ...

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Frozen themed meal

These are the weeks in Minnesota I think everyone I know goes stir crazy! We can't easily go outside, and it is hard to keep my kids entertained! At least it's close to Christmas, and we bought another giant cardboard house from Michael's! (You may know I do this every year! And I spend more time coloring it than the kids and secretly cringe when they color over all of my work ...
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Grinch Meal

As promised, here's the first themed meal! This one's dedicated to one of my favorite characters - the Grinch! And this year he is everywhere. Maybe it is because he is such an easy character to relate to! 😂
So what is the perfect food for a Grinch night? Obviously, it has to be Roast Beast with Grinch Sauce (aka easy baked chicken and pesto)!
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Salt and pepper to ...
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Tips for Researching & Buying a Home

The steps you take to find a home seem so simple on paper:
First, you think you know what a bank will tell you. Second, you are looking for homes on Zillow every day. Third, you don’t see a need to work with an agent until the exact day you want to go to the specific home.


If this echoes your thoughts, you are by no means alone. It is the most common story ...
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To My Future Sellers

Whether you have never sold your home or it has been a long time since you last did, this post is dedicated to you.

My clients often ask how to get started, and I assure them they can already check off the first step: contacting me! Selling a home takes time, effective marketing (listing, staging, and reaching the right potential buyers), and an understanding of trends for your location. That’s all part of what ...

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Lessons from Shark Week

It is, in my opinion, another great week of the year: Shark Week!! *dun dun dun dun dunn dunn!* Is there anything more relaxing than putting on Discovery Channel and learning about the ocean? And you can have it playing 24 hours a day for a week!

Life’s better on the water! 😉

Because of my own excitement for this week, I thought to myself, “What are some great ways to incorporate my kids into ...

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507 Area Summer Parades

It’s officially the best week of the year in my opinion, and it’s time for parade season! They are such a great way to get out and see what Mankato and our neighboring towns are all about. All-ages fun, summer sun, and that small town feeling. What more can you ask for?

I absolutely love local town days! If you need proof of just how much I like carnivals and parades… I made ...

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